Sussex Art Fair



I drew flowers as soon as I could hold a pencil and wanted to be an artist from the moment, I picked up a paint brush. My school books were crammed full of doodles rather than words and the art room was the perfect escape from my academic struggles. 


It wasn't until i was studying printed textiles at Winchester School of Art that I discovered I was dyspraxic and suddenly everything made sense.  My "slightly off", organic style developed with a new found freedom, and a realisation that my lines could never be straight and realism wasn't my thing.  


Using vibrant acrylics, Inks and fabric dyes, I love to paint whimsical floral pieces, sometimes embellished with gold leaf, sometimes detailed with fine liner, but always created with the intention of making something beautiful that pays tribute to our natural world and reminds us that the imagination has a life of its own.